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My name is Renee Herndon and I am so thrilled to be a Certified Living on Live Food Teacher!!! Teaching the Art of Making RAW and Living Food has been a dream of mine since June 2007. It was then that I saw Alissa Cohen on the Tyra Show, ordered her book--Living on LIVE Foods, and it changed my life! Now, I make the most AMAZING Living FOODS!

For 2 years, I was the executive Raw Vegan Chef for Tru Meals in Houston, Texas. I was also featured on GREAT DAY HOUSTON with Deborah Duncan in May 2010 and June 2010!!! Please visit my Site: www.RawChefRenee.Com to see the link and watch the segments of the Show!!! I was also interviewed on 97.9 the Box with the Madd Hatter Morning Show! Additionally, I was invited to demo Raw and Living Foods in the Houston Metropolitian Show featuring Paula Deen in 2011!!! THAT was a BLAST!!!!

Here's a Raw Demo that I taught at the ME & WE (Motivating and Empowering Women to Excel) Seminar November 9, 2012:

If you enjoy the video, send me an email and let me know! I love feedback:

Currently, I am a personal Raw Vegan Chef in Houston, TX! I have designed a Raw Detox menu which includes Raw and Living Meals! Visit www.RawChefRenee.Com to see the menu and place an order.

Changes I've seen: I didn't even know that I had adult acne until it was gone! LOL! Also, I have suffered from Migraines for years. One month my Migraine stayed with me for 32 DAYS STRAIGHT! I'm NOT kidding you!!! It was TERRIBLE! I stayed home in my room...the slightest bit of light made me feel like my head was going to explode! I completed a raw cleanse of my colon and my migraines were GONE and they have NOT returned! I feel better than I've ever felt in my life....I REALLY DO!!!

I firmly believe that if you want to learn from someone, that person should be someone who truly LOVES what they are doing. For me, teaching RAW and Living Food is something I love to do. My Classes are TONS of FUN!!!! Teaching the ART of Living on Live Food is definitely a passion of mine! I really LOVE it...and I do my best to LIVE it.

Please feel free to call me at (281) 433-5928 or e-mail me at and we'll set up a time for your Raw and Living Classes. Currently, my preferred Class day is Sunday evenings or Monday, but my schedule is pretty flexible. Also, I am also WILLING TO TRAVEL TO YOU! Additionally, if you have a group and would like to set up a Demo class in your area, just let me know....I give discounts!!! Please Visit my BLOG: www.RawChefRenee.Com.



HERE'S HOW IT WORKS: Each class is done in *YOUR* home. There is a SET-UP FEE required. Please Choose your class by using the PREPAY button below. Then E-mail Me with the date you'd like to have your class! 1 week Pre-paid REGISTRATION is required.

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Hope to see you soon! Take care and STAY RAW!!!!

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