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Discover the magic of organic, raw, living foods for radiant health.
Learn how to create delicious, gourmet, raw, vegan food for yourself and others.
Teach people how to become healthy and vibrant by eating a raw food diet.

Alissa Cohen’s Certification Courses:
Allow us to open up a whole new world for you by giving you the knowledge and training to become a Certified Raw Food Chef and Certified Living on Live Food Trainer.
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Why eat a raw and Living Food Diet?
There are so many reasons why you should eat a raw food diet. A few of those reasons being that you can lose amazing amounts of weight, heal your body from illness and look and feel younger.

WHY? Because raw foods are not heated above 112 degrees, therefore the enzymes are not destroyed in the cooking process. These foods retain an enormously higher nutrient value than foods that are cooked. Enzymes are the life force in food. They aid in digestion and absorption of food and will not cause toxicity in the body as most cooked foods do.

Raw foods also have an alkaline PH, which is ideal for optimal health. An over acid body is found in most people with acute or chronic diseases.
What is a Raw Food Diet?
Uncooked Fruits, Vegetables, Nuts, Seeds and Sprouted Grains make up a vegan, organic, Raw Food Diet. These foods are consumed whole or chopped, blended, shredded, diced and juiced to make delicious, gourmet raw food meals.
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