Stephanie Schlosser

Transform 101 lives in 2011


My health is better now than it has ever been in my life. Eating raw allows me 'to do' anything I feel like anytime. I know what it is like to be too sick to act, too scared to be bold and too alone. I will give you compassion, friendship, understanding and kindness to succeed on the next step of your raw ladder.


By creating kitchen playgrounds in the homes of those I teach one-on-one.

Teaching classes at my location that capture the radiant energy of food and gift it through skills.

Sharing the incredible benefits of healthy eating with as many children as possible.


I have lived 100% raw and I currently maintain a very high raw eating style because it gives me the highest level of energy and health. It took over 6 years to make the journey and compile the knowledge to be successful, starting from gluten free, then dairy, then eggs, soy, and now with less allergies then before. And even though it is very hard to imagine, I personally lost over 60 pounds and look younger now then I did then.

I offer the knowledge to transition with grace without judgement. If you come to add even a little raw or to go all the way, I will inspire you and teach you what you want to learn. The top of the raw ladder is simple happiness.

To reach me, sign up for a class on this site, visit my blog, add me on twitter: stephs_tweets or call 604-574-6096.

P.S. Limited space is available for students taking classes to stay with our family in our home.