Sarah Stout, ND, CCN
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Living on Live Foods Level I Certification

Become a Raw Food Chef!!!

This course is our fundamental course that will teach you the basics of the raw food diet through the teachings of the Living on Live Food plan.

In this class you will learn:
What a raw and living food diet is.
How to make delicious raw food meals that taste just like your favorite cooked food dishes!
How to prepare gourmet raw food meals, simply and easily.
How to shop for raw foods.
How to get others excited about raw and living food!
You will leave this class not only inspired and motivated but knowing how to begin eating raw and how to make delicious raw food meals for yourself and others.

This certificate allows you to teach Raw Food Prep Courses and to continue on to the next level of the Living on Live Food training.

Delicious, Gourmet, Raw Food meals included.

Class location is in Indianapolis and will run from 9am to 12pm.

E-mail me for details!

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