Claudia Gaviria
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I was raised in Columbia and Ecuador, two beautiful countries located in South America, traversed by mountains and volcanoes and edged by the ocean. Both rich with fresh, seasonal foods, which inspired my love for cooking at a young age. When I was four or five years old, I would play at cooking with mud, water and the sun.

As I matured, I refined my skills in the culinary arts from a proud grandmother that never wasted foods. She would say, “Maybe this potato skin will be good for healing a cold later.” Our pharmacy was located in the pantry and fridge. There was always a cure in that kitchen. I used these fundamentals that were so deeply rooted in my soul and combined them with the doctrines of Raw Cooking, Macrobiotics, Ayurvedic medicine, and Yoga and was able to create a physical and spiritual fusion of healing.

In 1999, I left a management position in a Boutique Hotel in South America and came to Canada with two suitcases, a nine year old son, and a heart full of dreams. On my arraival, I was blessed to encounter extraordinary teachers on my journey through life, such as Gabriel Cousens, with whom I learned the basics of healing with Meditation raw foods and Yoga. I also had the opportunity to meet and study with Dr. Marc Halpern, DC CAS, founder and director of the California College of Ayurveda, an internationally recognized expert in his field. Another magnificent teachers I discovered on my path to knowledge and who I admire greatly are Alissa Cohen from Living on live foods worlwide famous Program, Lydia Kulesnyc from Macrosnaks and,
Dr. Ismath, owner of the Centre of Ayurvedic Systems in Toronto who taught me Panchakarma therapies such as Abyahanga massage, Shiroabhayanga and Swedana.

After a long stay on an Ashram and an inspiring email from a yogi friend in the UK, I started CRUDA cafe a raw vegan resto, located downtown Toronto under the roof of St. Lawrence Market, I also became an Addiction Councillor and develop FOOD THERAPY the yogui path to rawcovery TM to help others to overcome addictions such as Alcholism, drug addiction, bulimia and anorexia. My path unfolds before me with inspiration and excitement. My greatest aspiration is to teach love through cooking and Yoga.

Uncooking Raw is a very auspicious work as it brings nourishment, health, and fulfillment to both the cook and the guests because every guest, indeed every living being bears the spark of divinity.

with Love