Patricia Autry
Two Roads diverged in a wood, and I -- I took the one less traveled by and that has made all of the difference.
-Robert Frost-

I have not always followed the raw food path or road so to speak.
I have been Vegetarian, Vegan, Raw, and sadly not raw in my lifetime. I have traveled many roads on this raw food journey to get to where I am today. I can honestly say that experience has been a good teacher. She has taught me well the signs of ill health and the vibrant life that raw food can bring.

A little something about me.

Patricia Autry has over 20 years experience in the area of health and nutrition. She began her relationship with raw and living vegan foods with her studies in Holistic Nutrition and the desire to achieve optimum health for herself and her clients.

Patricia Autry, B.S., CNC, is a certified nutritional consultant with The American Association of Nutritional Consultants.
She graduated with Highest Honors from Clayton College and received the degree of Bachelor of Science in Holistic Nutrition as well as the certificate as a Family Herbalist.

She received the certificate of completion in herbal studies, Foundations of Herbalism, with Christopher Hobbs L.Ac., A.H.G.

She is currently continuing her education as an herbalist with courses in herbal studies.
She has received the certificate of completion in The Science and Art of Herbalism, by Rosemary Gladstar.

Patricia is also currently continuing her studies in Aromatherapy with the course, Aromatherapy Foundations Certificate Program, by David Crow, L.Ac., and Jade Shutes, B.A., Dipl. AT

She is an alumni member of Clayton College, A Professional member with The American Association of Nutritional Consultants, a member of The American Herbalist Guild, a member of Alternatives For Healing, and a member of American Holistic Health Association.

She is also an Affiliate Member with The International Center for Reiki Training
She also practices the Usui Shiki Roho system of Reiki as a Reiki Master and Crystal Healer.

Patricia Autry has also contributed as a Journalist Diva for Gorgeous, Glossy & Gourmet a raw food Ezine.
You can read some of her past articles by going to and clicking on the Ezine tab.

If you want a vibrant life then the raw food journey is one you should experience.
Please allow me to teach you the benefits and joy of Living on Live Food.

Services I offer:

* Raw Food Demonstrations
* Raw Food Parties
* Raw Food Potlucks
* Introduction to Raw Food Classes
* Living on Live Food Chef Certification classes Level 1
* Individual nutritional and herbal consultations

About My Classes

Registration is required two weeks prior to class.
Payment is required one week prior to class.

Cancellation Policy: If you must cancel a class that payment has been received for, I will honor your presence at any other class I offer within a one year period, providing your cancellation is one week prior to class.

To get started call now 720-485-8329 or you can e-mail Patricia at or

Green Blessings

Patricia Autry

P.S. Hope To See You Soon In the New Year for One of My Raw Food Classes.
Delicious, Gourmet, Raw Food Meals included in all classes.
Remember, also, that this is a fast, easy, healthy way to lose weight for all Seasons.