Pamela Visser
Hello Friends, my name is Pamela Visser.

I started eating RAW in June 2008 and feel so great that I must share it. This is coming from someone who regularly prepared gourmet meals and has always loved to eat. Although I still cook for my children, we incorporate as much RAW food as possible. The key is… Find and Do what works for you.

When I first heard of the benefits RAW and Organic food provided in general health and healing of a large variety of problems, I became very interested. This has led me to dive in and begin the learning process through which some great fun and nutritional eating have proved results.

We all have heard “You are what you eat”. Now, before I eat anything, I think about what it is and how it will benefit or hurt my body. Is it Live, Living enzyme filled food, or is it cooked till dead. Is it processed or fresh? Is it pasteurized (heated to 161 degrees F, or higher to kill all living enzymes), or fresh (Raw prepared food is generally accepted to be heated not higher than 105 deg. F, if at all)?
Our bodies need all the help we can give them. Food that is Not processed or cooked makes us be and feel healthier in many ways.

A RAW food diet creates major improvements in health. The reasons are not agreed upon, but the results are unmistakable. Weight normalizes, which generally means a reduction in body fat. At the same time, people feel extremely energized. It is as if energy would rather be burned up than be converted and stored as fat.

There is a large amount of information that can be found in books and on the internet regarding RAW food benefits, and preparation; as well as many details to due it safely. You can take this lifestyle as far as you like, as there are many sub-categories.

My hope is to show you some of the techniques, methods, and favorites I have learned and spread the HEALTH to you and your families. Classes can be scheduled for individuals or groups at your convenience.