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A few simple changes in the food you eat can help make your life amazing! Raw foods is all about fun, truly living, being healthy, feeling closer to nature, having an incredible amount of energy and of course food to live for!

I am the director of RAW Foundation Culinary Arts Institute, Author, Motivational Speaker, Natural Health Educator and Sports Nutritionist based in Vancouver BC. My journey to health has included naturopathy, nutrition, yoga, massage and traveling the world uncovering the knowledge fostering optimal health.

In my workshops you will realize that you are perfect the way you are, and you deserve the amazing gifts raw food can give you. The tools and inspiration necessary to make healthy food choices and be empowered with the knowledge of how to prepare these delicious, gourmet, nutrient dense meals for yourself, your family and friends will be yours.

Although the school of life has been my most important teacher, I also have designations from the Alternative Medicine College of Canada, the International Fitness Association and the Institute of Thai Massage. Currently I am working towards the Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine. My raw food journey has found me in the good company of Dr Fred Bisci, Alissa Cohen, Leah Dubois, Dr Gabriel Cousens, Dr Doug Graham, Victoria Boutenko, Serge Boutenko, Dr Robert Morse & Jean Marie Martin. I have also worked professionally in various capacities in the sales, marketing, finance, IT, travel, education, healthcare wellness industries making me fully aware of the demands of a busy lifestyle, need for balance and the solutions to these challenges.

My raw life experience includes a decade investigating the benefits of a plant based diet consuming 80-85% raw and living food; now in my 5th year enjoying a 99.9% raw and living food lifestyle. I started experimenting due to chronic illnesses, and soon after became hooked on increased vitality, vicarious joy, the disappearance of the illnesses and all the raw fun! I worked with the locals and expats in Thailand at the Sanctuary in 2005, and later with individuals in Alberta in 2007. 2008, Raw Foundation Culinary Arts Institute was born. Now as a raw chef, coach and teacher I provide our students with an unforgettable learning experience & delicious meals.

I learned the hard way that you can't save others with preaching the benefits of raw, so I'll stop here. You can help yourself though and lead by example. If you want to learn how easy it is to make this lifestyle work for you, I'd absolutely love to help you with your transformation!

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