Louella Lewis

"A Labor Day family meal!"
APPETIZER: Garlicky Toast
BBQ Chix Fingers with Sweet Tangy Southern BBQ Sauce
Entree: Italian Rawsage
Carrot Pecan Burger
Sprouted Whole Grain Buns
Sides: Potato Salad
Down Home Greens
Dessert: Sweet Potato Pie
Peach Pie

Are you ready to enjoy the wealth God has so richly blessed you with? Let me teach you how to reverse damage and take care of your precious body. Did you know there are foods that heal your body at the cellular level?
I am a trained Health Minister, Health Missionary, Herbal Therapist, Live Food Chef, Instructor and Teacher.
Twenty-two years ago I began my health journey using III John 3 ( "I wish above all things that you would be in health and prosper, even as your soul prospers") as my daily confession and foundation scripture. Let's get you started today!