Liliana Urem
Liliana has embraced the lifestyle that promotes the consumption of uncooked, unprocessed,organic and live food as a diet. The result, Liliana lost 35lbs but gained pounds of stamina, energy and added glow to her eyes and complexion, the trade-off was a dream come true.
Living and teaching the "LIVE AND RAW FOOD PREPARATION"classes brings into ones life the abundance that only nature can provide.
Having homes in Croatia and New Jersey, Liliana gives one-on-one live/raw food coaching, personal chef seminars for health retreats and "LIVING ON LIFE FOOD" LEVEL 1 & 2 CHEF AND INSTRUCTOR CERTIFICATES.
Liliana invites you to embark on a journey to vibrant health.

I am presently in New Jersey and can be reached at 201-280-0987.