Raw Food Teacher Certification Level 3

~ May 4th - 7th 2018 (May class is FULL) ~September 22nd + 23rd 2018 in MA USA

The most comprehensive Raw Food Course available

Come train with Alissa to receive your level 1, 2, and 3 certifications, plus the advanced raw food preparation class, in one all-inclusive training.



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Nourish your body, do what you love, help others, and create financial abundance

Whether you’re looking for a career in Raw Food or you’re just interested in learning more for yourself, Alissa’s level 3 Living on Live Food Teacher Certification will prepare you for your next step in your raw food journey. This is an intensive learning experience that packs a lot of information into 2 transformative days!

Alissa has been eating and teaching the raw-vegan lifestyle since 1986, and she was one of the first to create a certification program in this field.

This training includes all three certifications, levels 1, 2 and 3 plus an extra day of advanced gourmet raw food.

After taking Alissa’s level 3 Teacher Training, her students go on to teach classes, open restaurants and wellness centers, cater, become personal chefs, write books, consult and make an abundant living doing what they love! However, many students come to class just to learn how to take care of their families, friends and communities by sharing Alissa’s raw food philosophy.

Both newcomers and experienced participants feel comfortable in Alissa’s class. The program is designed to help you reach your personal and professional goals. After taking this course, you can venture into your own raw food business or you can join Alissa and be part of her team! You will be able to teach others how to become healthy and vibrant through individual one-on-one teachings or with groups by teaching Alissa’s Level One and Level Two classes.

The only way to become a level 3 Teacher is to be trained directly by Alissa in this 2 day class. In this 2 day Teacher Training, you will be certified as a Level 1 Chef, Level 2 Instructor and Level 3 Teacher. There is no prerequisite to this training as it is an intensive that will cover all three levels.

During this intensive training, you will learn:

  • The many aspects of what a Raw and Living Food Diet is
  • Simple and easy raw food preparation
  • How to prepare gourmet meals
  • How to transform your favorite cooked food dishes into healthy raw food meals
  • Sprouting and dehydrating techniques
  • Detoxing (emotionally and physically)
  • Juice Fasting
  • Food Combining
  • Colon cleansing
  • Liver and gallbladder cleanse
  • Wheat grass and other nutritionally rich foods.
  • How to achieve optimal health for yourself and others
  • How to stay motivated while eating a raw and living food diet
  • How to deal with daily raw food living such as environment, friends, and family, and traveling while raw
  • How to use Netti pots, self massage, skin brushing, and other holistic modalities
  • Natural beauty and self care
  • How to encourage and motivate others
  • How to teach from your heart and be a successful teacher for individuals and groups
  • How to teach Level One and Level Two classes
  • How to find your compelling vision
  • How to manifest your passions
  • How to create the business of your dreams
  • And much more!

 Alissa will be teaching unique recipes and techniques from her second book, Raw Food for Everyone. These recipes were served at her restaurant, Grezzo. You will learn how to make Boursin style cheeses, authentic ice creams, signature chocolates and more!

During this training  you will be extremely well fed with delicious breakfasts, lunches, and dinners, as well as snacks throughout the day.

Teaching Raw Food Classes

Imagine making money and doing what you love, while helping people and spreading the word about raw food. Many of Alissa’s teachers are deriving a very large income after receiving these certifications.

Whether you create your own thriving raw food business after coming to this training, teach Alissa’s classes as your main source of business, or a combination of both, we will refer people directly to you using our teacher locator system.

When you teach Alissa’s classes, we take care of all of the student processing for you! There is no paperwork for you to handle, we will mail the certifications directly to your students immediately following your classes. If you would like to sell Alissa’s books and DVD’s, all of her products will be available to you at a 40% discount.

The price for this training is $2400.00.

Class is held in MA.

Payment plans are available

Please call the office to register today at 1-978-985-7217 and to find out more information.

After registering we will send you an information packet with directions, local hotels and other information. Alissa’s Classes fill VERY quickly (usually a month or more in advance) and there is limited space in this class.

Please call to register or for more information