June Tate
June Tate has had extensive experience in culinary arts during her global travels while working with the airline industry. She has studied the nutritional values of various cultures for more than 30 years. Her interest in culinary preparation combined with health wellness modalities led June to begin training in Raw Foods and Nutritional Health. She trained with Cherie Soria at the world renowned “Living Light Culinary Art Institute” in Fort Bragg, CA. She was also awarded Alissa Cohen's Living on Raw Food "Level 3" certification and completed a 12 hour chef training at Alissa's Grezzo Restaurant in Boston, Ma. June continued her training at the Clayton College of Natural Health, receiving a Bachelor of Science Degree in Holistic Nutrition. June has provided training for public and private entities. She was recently featured in the Frost Newspaper in Fort Wayne, IN as a certified Raw Foods Chef, teaching nutritional health and food preparation to the local community. June has also worked with St. Louis Public Schools and St. Louis C.A.N., instructing urban school teachers in healthy preparation and processes of raw food and nutrition. June has worked in various capacities with the founders of The Urban Center for Wellbeing in urban communities. These encounters have inspired her to share her unique gifts and talents in raw foods, nutrition, arts & crafts and teaching with The Urban Oasis Center for Health and Wellbeing, which will further enhance the organization’s ability to provide holistic health and healing.