Caryn Halle
I was creating beautiful dishes with a very good friend, doing some catering and introducing our community to aesthetically pleasing vegetarian cooking, but something just didn't feel right. The heating of oils and their inevitable oxidation didn't seem to embody the health benefits we were stressing. I also did not feel as healthy myself as I would have hoped, so I looked back to a lecture I had heard a few years earlier on the benefits of a raw food diet. It all rang very true, but I was unclear how to get started. At the same time, a friend told me about Alissa's Living on Live Food, and thus began my journey.

Playing with food is probably one of the things I most enjoy doing, and as a raw food chef, I definitely get to play a lot with beautiful fresh ingredients, changing them into forms that are often unexpected, but are definitely eye - inspiring and palate pleasing. I love being able to challenge students, clients, and sometimes family ( when they are willing ) to take risks with ingredients - to really experiment and PLAY, while enjoying and feasting on the results.

Supporting local farmers is also very important in my mind, and with spring's first buds just appearing, it won't be long before truly local produce is available, and will be integrated into upcoming classes! Quality in, Quality out; fresh ingredients and whole foods with minimal processing.

A raw food chef and certified holistic health counselor, I have recently relocated to the Albany, NY area, but am available for teaching/counseling in Dutchess and Columbia counties, as well as in western Massachusetts, and the suburbs of Boston where my family is located. Have kitchen, will travel!

I am just now beginning to restart classes, but if you are interested in individual or private lessons, please contact me by email and I can help you get started on your path to health and delicious eating.

*A raw food diet is amazing for those willing to try it 100%, but even for those just starting out, slowly incorporating raw food into one's diet has a tremendous and healthy impact, and is much easier than you think!*