Denise Madeja
My 2010 New Year Resolutions led me down a path of healing, wholeness and happiness. A dear friend introduced me to raw and living foods in March of 2010, and I can honestly say, my life has been transformed with ONLY possibilities ahead of me.

I am often asked why I eat raw food, or why I adopted a raw lifestyle. My main answer is, I was desperate. I wanted to feel better - to feel normal. I was tired of being sick, depressed, dealing with injuries that wouldn't heal, feeling lethargic, having chronic insomnia and so much more. I knew there was more to life than what I was experiencing but couldn't seem to bridge the chasm to wholeness and health - until I went raw.

If you have been sick, tired, depressed, lethargic and overwhelmed with life I suggest you give raw food a chance. After feeling bad for so many years, I am still amazed at how fabulous I feel since I started eating raw and living foods. Feeling good has become my motivation to remain healthy, fit and happy.